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Automatic Render Controls



These controls are automatic in that they are toggled on or off, and affect the render processing from then on.

Render BG



Default : On


With The Render BG button enabled, some resources are devoted to rendering the active composition in the background while you work. This background rendering will only occur if the application is otherwise idle and will pause when a more important workload surfaces (e.g. if you play the timeline, or need interactive response during grading adjustments).


By default, all new projects have the Render BG button enabled.



Render BG can greatly reduce rendering requirements with little impact on your interactive work. It is generally a good idea to leave it enabled.

Render FG



Default : On


This will cause unrendered portions of the timeline to be rendered for display when playing timeline. If this button is disabled, playback of unrendered timeline areas will display grey "not generated" frames :









Default : Off


The Cache button is relevant to composition playback only. During timeline playback, any unrendered frames are rendered on-the-fly dynamically for display (if Render FG is enabled) but are not normally saved to disk. Enabling the Cache button causes any unrendered frames encountered during playback to be saved to disk.



This rendering is identical to that done with Render BG enabled or when doing a Render Output operation, except it occurs only during timeline playback (of unrendered frames).



Enabling the Cache button may affect timeline playback due to the extra work required to save out rendered frames to disk.




Default : On


The Transition button enables the rendering of transition effects (e.g. dissolves).


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