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Recovering a Project



Using the ..Recover Project button, you can revert to a previous version of a project. Select the project you want to roll back in time and press the ..Recover Project button.



This can be useful if you want to revert to a previous project state beyond your undo stack, or if you are unhappy with the past two hours of work you have done. It can also be used to recover a previous version of a project if the current one has a problem.



A project snapshot is taken every few minutes (every time the project is saved) and then these are rolled up and merged as the day goes on.


On pressing the button, a dialog window will open and allow you to select the desired version to revert back to :



Recover Project dialog window


Using the From drop-down list, select a previous project revision :




Then press the Recover button to do the recovery. The selected project is copied to a backup folder (timestamped as per the Backup Folder box, see below) and then replaced with the chosen project version.


The selected project will now be as it was at the stated date and time chosen from the drop-down list.



If you are reverting to a previous revision because your current project has a problem, it is best to revert in stages (one by one, newest to oldest) until you find a suitable version.

Backup Project



When you press the Recover button, the current project is backed up (copied) to a folder as named here. The backup is given a timestamp as a suffix. This backup folder is placed beside the current project :




Each backed up project is the entire state of the project.


In the example illustration above, we have :


Grandstand EP 01 - This is the current project - the project that opens. This project is actually a revision we have recovered.
Grandstand EP 01_2009_04_28_11_46 - This is a backup of the project created when we pressed Recover at 11:46 on 2009-04-28.



Note that recovery can only go back in time. Once you recover a previous version of a project, you cannot use this method to revert to a later version again. To do this, you can rename the appropriate project backup folder to the project name.


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