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Project Sources and Proxies



Project Sources refer to source material available inside a project and how the source media is presented.


The "1:1 Source Clip" source is always present and refers to your pristine, original source material (imported or captured), at whatever original resolution.


Optionally, you can add one or more proxy sources via the New button.



A proxy source will act as a substitute source in the project.


You may decide to add a proxy source if :


Your original sources are located on a slower storage device (e.g. network). In this case, you may wish to add a "1:1 Clone" source to ensure fast access to (local) fast storage.
Your original sources are large, you may wish to add a "2:1" proxy to improve rendering speeds and realtime performance.


To add a new source, press the New button below the Sources list.


The format and filter type of the selected proxy is shown to the right of the Sources list.


The format allows you to change the proxy scale and bits per component.


Set the scale compared to the source media :


3.1 etc.

Bits Per Component

Set the colour component depth.



Same bit depth as original source media

8 Bit

Set proxy to 8 bits per component

10 Bit

Set proxy to 10 bits per component

16 Bit

Set proxy to 16 bits per component


Set proxy to half-float bits per component.



Proxies are created in the DPX file format except Half format, which are created as EXR files.



This is an advanced setting.

In general, do not change the bits per component but leave as "Same".


For non-1:1 proxy sources, you can apply a filter to improve the proxy image quality.


The Filter options are described in the Filtering section in Output Format Attributes.


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