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Output Format Settings

In addition to naming your project, the project configuration settings panel along the bottom of the project screen allows you to specify your intended output format(s) and any additional sources you may want to create:




Defined project output formats are displayed on the left. The project master format is the first in the list.

The settings for the selected output format is displayed to the right.



Each output format has independent settings.


The output formats defined determine the available display, playback, render and output formats for the project. You can modify the output formats defined for the project anytime.

Master Output Format



The master format is always shown at the top of the output format list and cannot be deleted.



It is recommended that the master format be defined to match the most common format of the source material you will be using inside the project.




Some common formats have been provided for use as quick defaults (e.g. PAL, HD 1080) and these are listed in the Setup drop-down menu. Selecting one of these formats will automatically update the frame rate, image size and aspect ratio attributes to the corresponding values for that format.


If you change any of these default values, the setup format will automatically change to being a Custom Setup.

Additional Output Formats



All additional output formats are listed below the master format and are completely independent of it. To create a new output format :


Press the New button located below the Output Formats list box. A new format will be created.
Then configure the output via the Setup drop-down list or edit the individual parameters.


To delete an output format, just select it from the output formats list and press the Delete button.

Editing the Output Formats

To modify an output format :


Highlight it in the output formats list. The settings displayed on the right switch to the selected format.
Alter any of the output format attributes.
Press the Apply Settings button to apply any changes made.



You will be warned if you try and move away from the main project screen if any settings have been changed.


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