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Creating Projects



Creating a project consists of defining :


One or more output (target) formats. Required.
One or more source definitions (e.g. proxies). Optional.


The project screen has 3 main panels. At the top, a list of all available projects, along the bottom the project configuration settings, and to the right the project options:


To create a new project :




Type the name of the new project in the project name text field.
Press the New Project button.





Usually, a new project will take its initial settings from the last project selected. To create a completely fresh project (with all settings as default), see below.


Now configure the project settings (e.g. output formats, sources, colour space etc.). Once done, press the Apply Settings button or just Open Project.





If project settings have been changed, Open Project will prompt you to apply them before opening.


Creating a Fresh Project

Currently, a new project is always created using settings defined from the currently selected project (except for the very first project created). To create a new fresh project, follow this procedure :


Create a dummy project (e.g. called "delete me")
Open this dummy project
Exit project
Delete the dummy project
Exit application


On application restart, no project will be current and the default settings will be used for a Untitled Project.


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