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Preferences Assistant

The Preference Assistant is a utility tool for display and edit of the general.prefs file.



Run the main application at least once before using this tool.


Hitting the UPDATE button on any tab will update your general.prefs file at that time. If you want to create multiple preferences, first go to the Users section and create a Default general.prefs file and then additional user files to update. Also note that the in application preferences will be applied to the current active user preference file.

Welcome Screen



On this tab you have the option to look at some system information such as operating system version, MAC Address, Cards and Drivers.

Re-order Master Layer Tools



Re-order or remove colour tools available on your Master layer.



The inactive tools can not be changed and have to remain in the given order.

Re-order CC Layer Tools



As the Master layer tab but operating on the CC Layers.

Re-Order Panel Tools



Re-order or remove tools available on your Control Panel.



Using None will leave a gap.

Media Locations



Show and set the various media folder locations.



Avid Mediafiles locations should still be set in general.prefs

Monitoring and Video I/O



Monitor setup with presets for often used configurations. This is a mirror of what is in the Application Preferences.



View and update your license file.


Copy the new license string into the text box and press the Update button.



If the string entered starts with "Panel", the rest of the string is taken as the Control Panel "welcome" string e.g.


Panel Grading System


Sets the Control Panel welcome string to Grading System. This is the general.prefs option panel.welcomeString.




The Users tab lets you create separate preference files for multiple users and easily switch between them.



Recommendation :

Once you have set the basic configuration files, use this tool to save the current preference as Default.


Once you have done this you can change the preferences for a new user, update and save as as "User-01" "User-02" etc.


A list of user preferences will be displayed in the Available user box.


To switch to a different user, select the user and press the Install button.


These preference files are saved separately from the application, allowing you to re-install safely without losing preferences.


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