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Hot key : F10


The graph tool serves three purposes :


It shows the RGB response curves of your shots
It shows the value ranges using dotted lines on the graph (including important value levels)
It defines how and where the histogram graph will be displayed when enabled



This is display only and is not rendered into any final output.




This drop-down list defines available graphs and histograms.



Note that graphs ignore the "hist" and "parade" settings, using only the location (e.g. center), size (e.g. PAL) and scaling information (e.g. cineon).


These options are configured via plain text files (*.graphs) located inside the folder specified inside the general.prefs file (variable monitorGraphDir).


Named sections inside these files specify the listed options above.


Example graph locations are :


SW - south-west in image
Center - center of image


Scaling refers to the dotted-lines overlaid on the graph to indicate important graph data points i.e.


Cineon - dotted lines at default cineon black and white points (95/685)
Video - dotted lines at YCrCb SMPTE levels (64/940)




cineon sw

With a grade

Graph Specifications

For the Graph format and specification, see Appendix Graphs Specification.


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