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Nucoda Exports MXF

In the Nucoda application, we will export the MXF sequences for the Avid to re-link.


Switch to the Library :




And press the ..Export Media button :



Choosing MXF Export Folder

For the Avid to be able to successfully re-link to the new MXF media, we need to write the exported MXF files to the correct place.


The correct place is the lowest level of one of the Avid MediaFiles folders used by the Avid.



This means the full MXF path needs to be at the same media files folder level as the other MXF source media e.g.


Correct :

G:\Avid MediaFiles\MXF\1\

Wrong :

G:\Avid MediaFiles\

Set Format and Options

Set your output format to be MXF :



MXF Codec

Then choose your desired MXF export format :





Note that unlike exporting an AAF in the AAF Back to Avid work flow, you can set handles and choose an uncompressed MXF format.

Avid Project Name



Write a project name in the MXF files. Choose the project name :


From the MXF File
From the Nucoda project name
User Defined


It is recommended to set a User Defined project name. Type a name into the text box :





The Project Name can be any text string and can be used to filter and identify Nucoda media once back in the Avid system.

Export Mode

Choose to export using a Multi format :


Tracks Multi Src TC
Visible Multi Src TC



See section Export Modes.


Press the Export button :





You will get a warning about Possible File Overwrite because you are using a Multi mode export but not specifying separate folders:




Dismiss (and ignore this) by pressing OK.




MXF Staging


Note that MXF file exports can be staged in the tempRootDir folder before being moved to their final destination. See MXF Staging.


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