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Nucoda AAF Import Options

The various options available on AAF import to Nucoda are described below.





Media files

Set to the top-level Avid media files folders.

Each is searched in turn for MXF media related to the active AAF composition.


The GUI allows the configuration of three folders.

The general.prefs preference file lets you configure more. See Media Files below.

Import material from MXF paths

Ensure we load source material if we locate it on disk

Apply AAF effects

If Avid renders (pre-computes) are available, we can select this to use them in the Nucoda system.


Avid Transitions (i.e. wipes, dissolves, 3D transitions etc.) will be displayed as dissolves on the Nucoda timeline, even if they are rendered on the Avid. If you need these, generate a mixdown. See Transitions.



If you are planning to finish on the Nucoda, or use the Record AAF Workflow, you should use this option to ensure that your sequence appears in Nucoda fully rendered.

Expand nested tracks and retimes

This will expand any nested effects you have in the AAF, placing the various source constituents on the   Nucoda timeline over the appropriate number of tracks. See Nested Effects.


Motion effects will be displayed as a Nucoda adjustment segment at the correct length of the effect in the sequence. The full length source media is placed below the adjustment segment on a separate track. See Retimes.



If you are planning to finish on the Nucoda, or use the Record AAF Workflow, you should not use this option on import.


Media Files



The Media Files setting lets you configure the paths searched for MXF media referenced by the active AAF file.


The GUI lets you configure three paths. More search paths can be set in the general.prefs file :




   avidDirectory "I:\Avid MediaFiles\" "G:\Avid MediaFiles\" ...



Only the first three values will be displayed in the AAF Import dialog window.



Top-Level Folders


Each Media Files search path has to be set to the top-level folder or the search will fail to find media (and an error dialog will appear, see below). The top-level folder contains an MXF folder.


Correct :

I:\Avid MediaFiles

Wrong :

I:\Avid MediaFiles\MXF\DVAVID.1



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