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Folder Navigation

Once we have selected a local drive or network share, we navigate the filesystem folders via the central panels.



Full Current Location

The file browser always shows you the full current location to your current folder in the box at the top :



Full current location

Folder Navigation

The button to the right of the location display lets you quickly go up one folder level :



Button to move up one folder level


You can navigate up and down both local and remote folders using the panels in the centre of the window. These panels have two modes of display - Cascade Mode (multi-pane) and Single Mode (single pane).



These central panels display folders only, never files.

Cascade Mode

In Cascade Mode, the central area will show up to three panels. Each panel will display the folders that exist :


In folder above us (left pane)
In current folder (middle pane)
In folder below us (right-hand pane)



The current folder is always high-lighted in orange. Click any folder to make it current.


Enable Cascade Mode via the button :





Cascade Mode showing three folders (above and below current)


In Cascade Mode, you can jump backwards (up) and forwards (down) in your location history using the arrow buttons below the panels :



Single Pane Mode

In Single Pane Mode, the central area shows a single pane and the folders inside (below) the current folder only.





Single Pane Mode. Display folders below current folder location only.

Folder File Contents

The files within the current folder are displayed in the bottom pane.




Files that exist within the current folder are displayed in a tabular format (see the Tables section for a discussion of table use).


The files displayed can be filtered by file type.


Contiguous file sequences (i.e. no gaps) are compressed to display only the start and end frames i.e.


export097738.dpx, export097739.dpx, ..., export097812.dpx


is displayed as :





Use CTRL+R to refresh the file browser.


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