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Media Segments

Media segments are displayed on the timeline with head and tail thumbnails.



You can toggle the display of thumbnails using the ch-comp_composition-toggles-thumbs


Each media segment on a video track displays the tape name, material name and any source offset (head handles). The source offset is given as a timecode.




The segment in the diagram above has four seconds and twelve frames of handles at the front of the segment.


Composition segments are colour-coded.

Normal Segment



Segments are displayed in grey.

Active Segment



The active segment lies under the currently active play-head and is displayed in blue. Grades, effects, versions etc. are applied to the active segment unless some other segment is selected.

Selected Segment



A selected segment will be displayed in orange. Any selected segments will take priority over the active segment.



When one or more segments are selected, your composition timeline scroll-bar will also turn orange to indicate this. This is visible even if the selected segment is off-screen.



Segment Showing Handles



Head and tail handles are shown as yellow bars, indicating the amount of handles available.


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