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To the left of the Library is the folder list. This is a tree view of all folders existing in the library. Folders are created underneath the project root folder.





The Caches folder contains the renders for all project compositions. It cannot be deleted.

Create New Folder



This button creates a new folder. New folders are always created as children of the selected folder. The selected folder is highlighted in orange (e.g. folder "02" above).

Naming Folders

By default, folders are named new folder. To rename a folder :


Select the folder
Press the F2 hot key
Type the folder name

Delete Folder



To delete a folder, select it and press the delete folder button.




The library only displays the contents of the currently selected folder by default. To display the contents of the current folder and all sub-folders, enable the Recurse button.




With the Recurse button off, we only see the contents of the scans folder. With the Recurse button on, we see the contents of the scans folder and folders 001, 002, 003 etc.


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