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Library Contents

The main library view is located to the right of the folder list and shows the contents of the active (orange) folder.


The contents list is tabular, with each row being a single item (shot, timeline, audio file etc.) and each column being a property of the item.



Library content rows



For more detail on tables and their use, see the Tables section.

Item Types

Each library item has a type.


A CLIP is the label for both image and audio media. For image media, this is source media composed of individual file based frames e.g. DPX or TIFF sequences.



An audio CLIP will have an icon :




A composition timeline.


The active composition is shown with a Status property set as Current Edit and a COMP icon :



Active composition shown as Current Edit.


Editing a Composition

You can set the selected composition active as Current Edit by :


Double-clicking it or
Pressing the Edit button




The active composition displayed in your timeline will update.

Copying the Composition

You can make a copy of the selected (in orange) composition by pressing the Copy button :




The copy will be named using a prefix "Copy of .." and is completely independent of the original (but caches will be shared).


This is source media composed of a movie sequence e.g. Quicktime or Red.


A proxy source (or clone).


A proxy source is grouped with its corresponding source media. An arrow to the left can be expanded to show the proxy or clone.




The proxy scale is shown in the Scale property.

Item Deletion

You can delete on or more selected library items by :


Pressing the delete key on your keyboard or
Pressing the Delete button :




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