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Interactive Mode



Interactive Mode lets you type command-line commands to the application from the Windows CMD prompt interactively. This mode only needs to start the application once and is therefore faster.



Interactive Mode is useful for testing out the command-line.


Command :

$ nucoda_film_master --interactive-mode

INFO Set current user to "Default".

Interactive mode.  Type --quit to exit.




   1: PROJ1                - D:\Nucoda\2014_1\projects\PROJ1

   2: PROJ1.export         - D:\Nucoda\2014_1\projects\PROJ1.export

   3: PROJC                - D:\Nucoda\2014_1\projects\PROJC

>-p PROJ1 --import-folder S:\media\images\testsequences\timeline_tests\CLIP-A-DIR

INFO Opening project "PROJ1" from "D:\Nucoda\2014_1\projects\PROJ1".

INFO Batch Import (running) : "Importing" - importing directory 0 of 1 (0)

INFO Batch Import (running) : "Importing" - importing directory 1 of 1 (100)

INFO Batch Import (completed) : "Importing" - importing directory 1 of 1 (100)



At the interactive mode prompt (>), you can type any valid command-line command and see the result immediately.


Use --quit to exit interactive mode.


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