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Import AAF on Nucoda

On the Nucoda, switch to the Library view to import the AAF file :




Then press the Import button :




Navigate to the folder containing the previously saved Avid AAF file and press the ..Import button.


An AAF Import options window opens and lets you set various options used for the import and initial  processing of the AAF file.





See the Nucoda AAF Import Options section for a full description of the available settings.


We import the AAF and use settings :


All events as a new composition
Import material from MXF paths
Conform to Material
Expand nested tracks and retimes


The AAF file creates a Nucoda timeline which we can then start working on.



Avid timeline



Nucoda timeline



If updated AAF compositions become available, the Nucoda can import them and merge them into any active timeline.


When we have completed our work, we can proceed as follows :


Finish on the Nucoda.
Finish on the Avid and proceed to one of the work flow options outlined next.



Do not delete or move the AAF you import to the Nucoda. If the AAF you import is deleted or moved, you will not be able to export an AAF from the composition it creates. We recommend you manage your AAF files carefully and keep copies locally. This includes network drives where drive letter may change.


If you are not having any success, please check in the library where the AAF file is expected to be and verify it's existence.




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