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Folder Import

If you select a folder and press the ..Import button, the folder contents and all sub-folders are imported recursively. We search for image sequences and movies and import those we find automatically.


The Import Folder Options dialog allows us to set some import options, such as filters on image format and resolution, material naming convention and automatic sequence timeline splicing.





Filter file format

Select to import only files of specified file format.

Filter image size

Select to import only files of specified pixel width and height.

Auto create library folders

Select to automatically create library folders for the imported media.

Folders are created as per the auto folder settings.

Import and splice

Select this to splice the imported media to the current composition timeline automatically. Choose the desired splice order from the drop-down menu :


File order is the order the file sequences are found.
Timecode order is the order as per the extracted shot timecodes.

Import as background task

Select to import as a background task. After pressing Import, you can close the file browser and the importing will continue in the background.


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