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Managing Layers and Effects

Re-ordering Layers

You can re-arrange any layers and effects that you have added to the effects tree, not including the default 'effects', 'base', or 'master' layers.



Effects are processed top-down as they appear in the effects tree, so by re-ordering effects you are changing the order that they are processed in.


By default, any user effects that you add are placed above the colour correction layers in the 'effects' layer. If you want to be able to place user effects in-between the colour correction layers, you just need to add them as layer effects instead. These two options are covered in the adding effects section.


To re-order a layer :


1.Select the layer (it is highlighted)
2.Hold down the mouse left button and drag the layer up/down the effects tree (an orange guideline appears)
3.Release the mouse button when repositioned correctly.





4. When you've reached the place where you want to place the layer simply let go of it with the mouse. All the other layers will automatically shuffle down and be renumbered accordingly.



You cannot place any effects after the 'master' layer. The master layer is always the last layer in the pipeline.

Renaming Layers

To rename a CC layer :


1.Select the layer (it is highlighted)
2.Press the F2 hot key to edit the layer name
3.Rename the layer and press  ENTER when done.



You cannot rename the Base or Master layers.

Deleting Layers

To delete a layer :


1.Select the layer (it is highlighted)
2.Press the Remove Layer button or the keyboard DELETE key



The effect/layer selected is removed from the active segment, so make sure that your active playhead is positioned over the correct segment when carrying out this operation.



You cannot delete the Effects layer or the Master layer.



You can delete the Base (CC layer) but the first CC layer created afterwards will become the new Base layer. If you use CC layers, the first will always be the Base.


You can use the control panel Undo button, or press CTRL+Z on your keyboard to revert mistakes.



If you have multiple colour correction layers, numbered 1 - N, and you remove one of them, the remaining layers will be renumbered to reflect their position within the effects tree.


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