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DVO Zoom
From Release : 2015.1
2017.1 Major Update

DVO Zoom is an upscaling tool with excellent accuracy and is of specific value when converting from HD to UHDV.

To upscale from SD to HD use DVO Upscale.

DVO Zoom Effect Settings

The Enable button enables the entire effect :

Dvo zoom enable.png

Interlaced Sources

If your source material is interlaced, enable Interlaced mode so the processing is done in field mode.

Dvo zoom interlaced.png


This chapter will use some shortcuts describing various aspect ratio terms :

AR Aspect Ratio
SAR Storage Aspect Ratio The pixel dimension ratio of media e.g. 1920x1080 has a SAR of 16/9 (dividing gives 1.77).
PAR Pixel Aspect Ratio Usually 1:1 (square pixels)
DAR Display Aspect Ratio Aspect of picture as displayed (SAR x DAR)
Auto Zoom

Dvo zoom autozoom.png

Auto Zoom will scale the image accordingly based upon the SAR, PAR and DAR (see terminology) and Zoom selection.

Disable No auto zoom
Stretch Stretch the edges of sources to edges of target. No AR preservation.
AR Adjust No zoom. Adjust AR.
Fill Inside (Fit) Zoom image to fit picture in output frame. AR aware. DEFAULT.
Fill Full (Crop) Zoom image to fill output frame. AR aware
Border Mode

Dvo zoom bordermode.png

Border Mode defines the edge processing of the image.

Soft A smooth scaling throughout the image but will make a soft edge.
Hard A sharper edge with less smooth scaling. DEFAULT
Soft outside A smooth scaling but forcing the soft edge to be outside of the intended scaling size.

Dvo zoom zoom.png

Set specific zoom parameters.

  • If Auto Zoom is disabled, set zoom freely
  • If Auto Zoom is enabled, append to current zoom settings
Range 0.1 - 8.0
Default 1.0

You can choose to zoom in any direction :

  • Zoom - Scale X and Y
  • Zoom X - Scale in X (horizontally) only
  • Zoom Y - Scale in Y (vertically) only

Dvo zoom antialias.png

Anti-Alias will smooth alias artifacts on result.

Range 0.0 - 1.0
Default 0.0
Display Aspect Ratio

Dvo zoom displayaspectratio.png

Display Aspect Ratio sets the scaling used when Auto Zoom is set to AR. We can set both Src (input) and Dst (output).

Custom Sets DAR using custom slider
From Custom PAR Sets PAR using custom slider (DAR = SAR x PAR)
As Stored (SAR) Sets DAR = SAR (PAR is square pixels 1:1). DEFAULT
4:3 DAR set as 4:3
16:9 DAR set as 16:9
2:1 DAR set as 2:1
2.35:1 DAR set as 2.35:1

As long as the PAR is square you can always use default setting As Stored (SAR).

Custom DAR/PAR

Dvo zoom customdarpar.png

Set a custom value for Src and/or Dst DAR and PAR.

Range 0.1 - 8.0
Default 1.0

Dvo zoom offset.png

Shift the result horizontally (X) and/or vertically (Y) :

  • Source - before scaling
  • Destination - after scaling
  • Final Frame - place offset as very last process including the blanking

Values Source, Destination, Final Frame
Default Destination / 0.0 / 0.0

Dvo zoom roi.png

If enabled, add a Region of Interest on the source media if it is in a letterbox or pillar format. This to avoid edge ringing between actual image and blanking data.

Any data outside the ROI will be blanking data.

Auto Detect

If the blanking data is digital then Auto Detect can be used to automatically find the source ROI in letterbox/pillar media.


Dvo zoom blanking.png

Add blanking to target image with either a sharp or soft edge.

Values Disable, Enable (Sharp), Enable (Soft)
Default Disable

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