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DVO Scratch Target
From Release : 2018.1 Updated
Was DVO Scratch

DVO Scratch Target processes vertical/continuous scratches.

These are typically those not being detected by dust/dirt removers, which are looking for random defects in the picture. The process is fully automatic and has an advanced detection algorithm with a fill-in result far superior to the normal process of hiding the defect using information from both sides of the scratch.

The DVO Scratch Target tool is an enhanced version of the original DVO Scratch. It has the same controls and can be used in place of the original.

New options allow the user to add and remove columns to the image and then specify whether processing should be forced or bypassed on a per column basis. This will allow scratches that are not detected by the Auto setting to be removed. A paint tool can also be used for shorter scratches and a frame duration can be specified for each column.

Basic Settings

01 dvo scratch target enable.png


Enable or disable the tool.

Data Mode

Set the mode expected in the image data.

  • Linear
  • Log
Default From project setting.

It is very important to use the correct Data Mode or the processing will be incorrect.

Scratch Detection Parameters

02 dvo scratch target detection.png

Auto Detect

Attempt to automatically determine best settings for shot.

You can use Auto Detect and Manual Regions (below) at the same time.

Colour Mode

This determines the image channels used for the detection.

Values Y
R , G , B
Default Y

Where :

Y Luminance detection only. This is the fastest.
R+G+B Separate detection in R, G and B channels.

Processing of each channel is based on the combined result from the detection.

R , G , B Separate detection in R, G and B channels.

Each detection channel affects the corresponding processing channel.

Column Aggressiveness

First stage detector aggressiveness, which determines what columns (and pixels) are selected as scratch candidates to be processed. The higher the setting, the more aggressive we are.

Range 0 - 1.0
Default 0.5
Pixel Aggressiveness

Second stage detector aggressiveness. This is a modifier for pixel selection within the selected columns (from the first stage). The higher the setting, the more aggressive.

Range 0 - 1.0
Default 0.5

This is used to describe scratch characteristics. For moderate scratches, typically choose the specific scratch type evident in the material. In case of very heavy scratches, with emphasised edges, it can be advantageous to select Positive+Negative.

Values Positive (White)
Negative (Black)
Positive+Negative (White+Black)
Default Positive (White)

Where :

Positive (White) For brighter (white) scratches
Negative (Black) For darker (black) scratches)
Positive+Negative (White+Black) For a mix of bright and dark scratches.

Do not use Positive+Negative as a default setting as it will sometimes process too much in the picture.

Scratch Width

Sets the width-profile for scratches.

Values Thin , Normal , Wide
Default Normal

If detection/processing is insufficient in areas which have many close scratches, a Wide setting is recommended.

Image Noise Level

Characterises the level of noise in the image. Image noise will affect the accuracy of detection.

Range 0 - 1.0
Default 0.3
Scratch Processing Parameters

02 dvo scratch target processing.png

Colour Mode

This determines the colour mode of scratches we detect and process.

Values RGB , YUV
Default RGB

Where :

  • RGB - used for colour scratches
  • YUV - used for monochrome

YUV processing mode can not be used when using detector mode R,G,B.

Base Strength

Determines the base strength of the processing. This affects properties such as smoothness (as might be noticed in wide scratches).

Default 0
Residual Strength

Determines the strength of processing the "residuals" e.g. a very jagged scratch may need additional processing.

Range 0 - 1.0
Default 0.5

Manual Regions
From Release : 2018.1

02 dvo scratch target regions.png

The Regions tool lets you define areas manually for specific processing requirements. You can manually define processing regions to augment the Auto Detect function or use them as an alternative.

Until a region is chosen, the right-hand side of the interface element will be empty.

Regions can be defined using :

  • Columns - Use Columns button active
  • Painted Areas - Use Paint button active
Column Mode

Column mode is active by default when left-clicking and dragging.

Paint Mode

To create a region using a brush, use the keys :

Paint ALT + Left-Click
Size Brush SHIFT + ALT + Drag
Constrain stroke to vertical CTRL + ALT + Drag
Viewing and Editing Regions

To make defined regions visible, enable the Select Region button.

02 dvo scratch target regions select region button.png

Two processing columns defined
Left-hand column has "Medium" detection set, shown in yellow.

You cannot create regions when Select Region is active, only edit or delete them. See below.

  • You can click and drag the outline of a selected region to edit it.
  • Press the delete key to remove it
Region Settings

Selected regions can be setup in different ways :

Frames Active

With a region selected, selecting this option on will process only the selected frame. You can also move to a different frame and, by selecting Frames Active a second time, will set a range for processing. Regions that are shown as dotted lines are not active at the current frame.

The active range is shown in the keyframe bar.

By default, the whole clip is processed.


Applied to the selected region, this slects the sensitivity of the scratch detection tool for that region.

Detection can also be :

  • Force - Always process this area
  • Safe Force - Always process this area but be more cautious
  • Deselected - Do not process the area

Regions are colour coded per detection setting used :

Light Green Dvo scratch target detect colour green.png
Medium Yellow Dvo scratch target detect colour yellow.png
Heavy Orange Dvo scratch target detect colour orange.png
Force Red Dvo scratch target detect colour red.png
Safe Force Purple Dvo scratch target detect colour purple.png
Force Deselect Blue Dvo scratch target detect colour blue.png


Select the scratch type to use (see Type above).

Default : As Effect


Choose components to process.

To enable this, set Colour Mode to R,G,B in the Detection Parameters (see Colour Mode above).

Values R


Default R,G,B

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