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DVO Print Align
From Release : 2017.1

Older Versions :

DVO Print Align uses a fully automatic process to align RGB separation prints, even if the offset varies over time.

DVO Print Align assumes that each frame of material contains all colour channels (RGB or CMY).

If your frames are composed of separate colour channels in a sequence, see DVO Print Align Seq.

DVO Print Align main settings.

The Enable button enables the entire effect :

Dvo print align 2017 enable.png

Data Mode

Dvo print align 2017 datamode.png

The DVO Print Align effect can work in both Log and Linear space.

Values Linear, Log
Default Linear

It is important to set the Data Mode correctly for your source media.

Invert Colours

Dvo print align 2017 invertcolours.png

Invert Colours will "invert" CMY sources to RGB.


Dvo print align 2017 controls.png

Analyze Mode

Analyze Mode determines the extent of the analysis performed.

Normal Works for most material.DEFAULT
Extended For more difficult material. Slower.
Reference Colour

Select the colour component to use as the reference.

Values Red, Green, Blue
Default Green

The green channel normally has more luminance (detail).

Lock Colour

Select the colour component others will be locked to.

Values Red, Green, Blue, Use Reference
Default Use Reference

Select the colour component that is most stable (aligned).

Noise Level

Set the noise level in the media.

Values Low, Normal, High
Default Normal
ROI Margins

Dvo print align 2017 roimargins.png

These are the Region of Interest margins and sets the region for analysis.

For best results in some cases, the frame borders can be included in the analysis. However if picture content is not locked to frame borders, it might be necessary to exclude them using the ROI control.

Individual control for Left/Top/Right/Bottom in pixels (from edge of image).

Manual Adjustment

Dvo print align 2017 manual.png

In addition to the automatic setup, you can also make manual adjustments. Each channel (RGB) can be independently adjusted horizontally and/or vertically.

Disable Ignore all manual settings.
Adjust Add offset to adjusted image. DEFAULT
Override Ignore automatic setup and use manual only.
Mute (Auto+Manual) Ignore both automatic setup and manual result.

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