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DVO Brickwall
From Release : 2014.2 Updated

Older Versions :

DVO Brickwall helps reduce signal entropy making compression easier. It provides an extremely sharp cut-off beyond a user defined frequency, enabling you to create an accurately defined spectral content of material for various types of compression pre-processing.

This means that compression artefacts can be reduced and the quality of the compressed image can usually be greatly improved.

Dvo brickwall all.png

Basic Settings

Dvo brickwall basicsettings.png

The Enable button enables the entire effect :

Dvo brickwall enable.png

Data Mode

Dvo brickwall data.png

The DVO Brickwall effect can work in both Log and Linear space.

Values Linear, Log
Default Linear

It is important to set the Data Mode correctly for your source media.


Dvo brickwall interlaced.png

Enable Interlaced for field based input media.

Default Off

Dvo brickwall cutoff.png

Cutoff lets you control the horizontal and vertical filtering of the luminance, as a percentage of the maximum bandwidth.

A setting of 100% equals a full bypass.

Control horizontal and vertical independently. Each has :

Range 0 - 100%
Default 70

Dvo brickwall filter.png


DVO brickwall has four different filter cores, each with a different characteristic.

Values Rectangular (Sharp), Rectangular, Circular, Diagonal
Default Rectangular

Diagonal is very efficient when mastering for DCT compression algorithms like MPEG.

Rectangular (Sharp)

The Rectangular (Sharp) filter has a very sharp cut off. This can be fine-tuned using the Sharpness cutoff and a different Size of the core filter.

Values Small, Normal, Large
Default Normal
Range 0 - 15
Default 0

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