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Several items of documentation are included, all of which can be accessed via the "Nucoda Docs 2014.1" shortcut that is placed on your desktop by the installation program. You can also access the index page directly from :



Install and Setup Manual

The Setup Manual describes how to install and configure the application. It also details installation and configuration of graphics and video hardware and important considerations for use of the software.

User Manual

This is the user guide that you are currently reading.

Release Notes

The release notes list all the new features, bug fixes and known bugs.


Precision Control Panel Documentation


The Precision Panel documentation includes an User Guide and a Hardware Installation Guide.

Valhall Control Panel Documentation

The Valhall Panel documentation includes an installation guide (giving information on the Valhall environment variables and setup), a user guide, and a quick reference labelled diagram of all the Valhall panel controls.

Hotkeys Reference Guide

The Nucoda hotkeys guide is a labelled keyboard diagram and summary page of all the Hotkeys available in the application. A shortcut to this PDF document is also placed on your desktop by the installation program.



Note that the application itself includes tool-tip labels on buttons and user-interface elements. These will pop up when you hover your mouse over a button and display some explanatory text.


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