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Compatibility & Features

The following Avid product versions are tested and qualified :


Avid Media Composer 5.0.x / 5.5.x / 6.0
Avid Symphony 5.0.X / 5.5.x / 6.0
Avid DS 10.3 / 10.5


Avid Effect Support

For the level of Avid effect support, see the Avid Effects chapter.

MXF and Codec Compatibility

See the Nucoda Forum for PDF files with supported MXF and codec formats.

Avid Audio Support

Tracks in the Avid must be Mono and audio must be 48000 / 16Bit PCM (MXF)

This option should used for adding mixed audio tracks to MXF exports.


When a new AAF is created on export, the audio information will be passed through to the new AAF.



Version 2011.2 introduced the ability to import audio from AAF files and play them back on Nucoda.

Create AAF Option for Record Order Export

If a sequence was imported from AAF for grading, there is now an option to create an AAF file on export in Record Order TC.

This will create a single MXF file with an AAF containing references to the video and any audio files as a sequence.


Loading this AAF into the Media Composer will load the new sequence.

Automatic Interplay Check-In

When using the create AAF option above, an additional option for Interplay Check-In becomes available. If the Interplay settings in the general.prefs file is correctly configured, the resulting AAF will be checked into Interplay automatically in the defined project.



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