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Comparison Mode



Hot key : F6


The compare function allows you to compare the frame you are viewing against other instances in your timeline, against a reference frame, or against different versions of the frame itself.

Compare Modes



The Compare options are selected via the drop-down list on the right-hand menu. Show this menu using the F12 hot key. The options listed inside a project may be a subset of the total available because you may want to limit those you can cycle through. The options available in this list is configured in the Control Panel preference section.






Split mode. You can interactively change the split using the mouse or panel.



Dual mode.  Comparison side-by-side.


Selecting split mode will allow you to wipe between the currently active frame in the viewer and your comparison image.

An overlay control will appear in the viewer, separating the two frames. This control can then be manipulated interactively by dragging it in any arbitrary direction, to make comparisons between the two images. It is also possible adjust the overlay during playback.


Selecting dual mode will display two images in the viewer. The currently active frame will appear on the left, and next to it on the right will be your choice of comparison image.


Selecting the cut mode will allow you to toggle between the current frame and your comparison image in full size. Only one image will be displayed at a time, determined by pressing the compare button on/off. When the compare button is off you will see the current frame, as normal, and when the compare button is on you will see the comparison image.



A full screen compare can be achieved by taking a snapshot of the current image and moving to a new frame for comparison. Press CTRL + 5 to grab the current image. Holding down the 5 key at any future time will display the snapshot frame in place of the current image in the monitor.

Difference Modes

There are 3 difference modes:


Diff red
Diff luma
Diff monochrome


Each one will show you the difference between the current frame and the comparison frame in the specified colour.

Comparison Image

Once you have selected your compare mode, you can close the viewer tools menu (F12) and bring up the Memories screen to select  what we will compare against.


Select the ..Memories button :





Select the Shot button :





Choose a Comparison Target from the drop-down list below Shot :




You can compare against targets :


Track - the track below
Head - the secondary play-head
Event - a selected event
Revert - the previous grade on the shot
Source - the segment source
Groups - a selected group member


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