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Colour Management

Hot key : CTRL + F12


The Colour Management System (CMS) lets you apply colour transformations to your shots. These transformations are user configurable and defined in a 3D colour cube file which is loaded into the application on demand, or specified as part of an project output format.


To use a CMS Look Up Table (LUT), you need to define the project LUT type on the main project setup screen.



Some samples colour cubes have been provided.


If CMS was not selected for the output format that you are viewing then the CMS option will appear disabled in the viewer tools menu. To activate the CMS option you can simply exit your project, add CMS to your project configuration, then re-open your project.


Once you have activated the CMS option, you can apply the CMS by pressing the CMS toggle button in the viewer tools menu:




Alternatively, you may have chosen to 'burn-in' the CMS to your output format (via the project configuration options) in which case the CMS will be permanently applied and you will not be able to toggle it on/off.


If you want to change the colour cube that you are using, you can use the ..CMS Setup button to select a different LUT file.

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