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Creating a Project

--project <name>

Create a new project with the specified name

--format-spec <path>

Use the specified project format specification template

Create a New Project

--project <name>

--format-spec <path>


To create a new project from the command line, create a project format specification file that describes the project. This is the equivalent of setting up the project configuration settings in the GUI.


Specify the name of the project and its format specification file using the command:


Command :

$ film_master --project PROJ1 --format-spec H:\specs\hd-1.txt

INFO Creating new project "PROJ1".


The above command creates a new project "PROJ1" using the definition stored in the file "hd-1.txt".

Project Format Specification

--format-spec <path>


This "format spec" is a text file that defines the elements of the project, including both outputs and sources. The output and source sections are specified using the section tags:




The basic format is as follows :


<Global Parameters>


<output sections>


<source sections>



Some global parameters are required

There must be one or more output sections.

The first output section will be the master format for the project.

There are zero or more source sections (a "1:1 source" will always be created).

The '#' symbol starts a comment


See : Format Specification definition section


A minimal format specification file would look like:


# A minimum basic format specification










A "#" symbol starts a comment.


See the next section for the complete file format definition.



Example format specification files can be found in the folder :



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