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Running Multiple Operations from a File

--batch-file <file>

Run CLI commands from file

--ops-file <file>

Run some commands from file


Both these options run application commands from the given text file. The advantage of this is that the commands complete much more quickly than if run separately on the command line because the application only needs to startup, initialise and open projects or compositions once.



The "ops-file" command is left for backwards compatibility. The "batch-file" option is new and much more flexible and powerful. It also supports all CLI commands.

Batch Mode

--batch-file <file>


Run the command-line commands from the given text file. Each command line should be placed on a separate line of the file and any valid command line is allowed. The application will load the file and run each line as if you were typing them interactively.



You do not need to include the application executable on each batch file line i.e. write batch file lines like :


-p TestProject -c Compname --splice <path>



Example Batch File


--project P --composition C --splice Z:\shots\dpx\056_004.001.dpx

-p P -c Compname --splice Z:\shots\dpx\078_021.001.dpx --record-in 8992

--project ProjectX --import-folder S:\images\testfiles


Ops File

--ops-file <file>


This options allows you to take commands to run from a specified text file but is more limited in the commands it supports.


Command :

$ nucoda_film_master --project PROJ1 \

  --composition COMP1 \

  --ops-file ops.txt

INFO Opening project "PROJ1".

INFO Opening composition "COMP1".

INFO Found range (1, 5).

INFO Clip added to composition.

INFO SPLICE : /server/shots/shot1/clip.00001.dpx (0.03 secs)

INFO Found range (1, 5).

INFO Clip added to composition.

INFO SPLICE : /server/shots/shot2/clip.00001.dpx (0.01 secs)

INFO Found range (1, 3).

INFO Clip added to composition.



Commands are read from the file and then run, the project and composition are opening only once. The

project will be saved every now and then.

Supported Commands

Currently supported commands are:



Command Format

Each operation will be on a separate line and have the following format :


<operation> <path> [record in] [source in] [track]





splice Z:\shots\dpx\056_004.001.dpx 100

overwrite Z:\shots\test\011_v1.0001.cin 10 1 V2

replace-source Z:\server\ttt\ttt.0001.cin 95662 - V1

splice \images\test\ttt\ttt.0001.cin 1002 - V2

add-version Z:\server\scene4\78818.cin 67711 211 V3



A dash "-" acts as a place-holder.


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