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Display Ungraded as Greyscale



Default :



If on, ungraded shots are shown in greyscale in the Memories Window.





Generate Thumbnails

Default :

First frame

Values :

First frame, Middle frame, Last frame


This option selects the default thumbnail displayed for each event in the Memories view.

Cue Method

Default :


Values :

First frame, Middle frame, Last frame, Timecode


This option sets which frame we will cue to in a shot using CTRL+Cue on the Media Panel.


CTRL + Cue :


First frame : cues to the first frame of the shot
Middle frame : cues to the middle frame of the shot
Last frame : cues to the last frame of the shot
Timecode : cues to the event thumbnail timecode for the shot i.e. the timecode shown below the Memories/Event itself. This can be set via the Manual update method described in Update Method below.

Update Method

Default :


Values :

Auto, Manual


This option chooses how the Memories event thumbnail is updated :


Auto : Memories thumbnail updates automatically when you grade a shot
Manual : Press Enter on panel to update Memories thumbnail


When your Cue Method is set to Timecode, cueing (CTRL+Cue) will cue to the timecode

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