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The general preferences screen specifies global configuration settings.

Location display



Select whether you want the default location display across your project to show frame numbers or timecodes. Changing the display style will affect the following:


the timeline timebar
the current position and in/out duration displays on the GUI and control panel
the in / out values in the library
the render progress report



This setting can also be changed from within your project.

Reference mode



Values :

Still store, Live memory

Default :

Still store


Select whether comparisons against the reference frame should be carried out in still store or live memory mode.




A keycode allows the unique identification of any frame on a reel of film.

For a film reel, these settings define :

Perfs per frame - how many perforations in one film frame
Perf per count - how many perforations make up one keycode count increment


See Appendix Keycode.

SAFE mode



Normally, opening a project automatically selects to edit (and display) your current composition. Selecting Safe Mode will not do this, and open a project with no composition selected.



This may be useful if a composition causes errors or problems when opening a project.



This should be left off in normal use.

Other Settings


Warn when playback sync is lost



This controls the display of a warning indicator (red arrow) on your monitor when playback drops below realtime (as defined for currently selected output format). If off, this warning will not be shown, even if playback is less than realtime.



Changing this setting requires an application restart.

Ripple Mode on




Whether ripple mode should default to off or on in new projects.

Reset Recall Selection

Whether the source of a Recall action (effects/layers recalled) should reset afterwards, or persist.

Audio notify default

This enables an audio notification (sound event) on event/shot change. Control panel only.

Auto Keyframe persist on shot change




This enables the persistence of the Auto Keyframe button on shot change.

Preference File Location



The location of the main preference file is displayed at the bottom of the General tab section. Most preferences are stored in a text file called general.prefs, located in the application ROOT folder.



The ROOT folder is set in the environment variable NUCODA_ROOT_V2014_1.


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