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Application Users and Login
From Release : 2013.2.055

Also see Appendices : User Preferences and Preference Load Order

Before getting to the project screen and creating or entering a project, you need to login to the application. Application specific user accounts separate your preferences and settings from other users.

On startup, you are prompted to login with a User Login dialog :

User Selector

A user named Default is used if no specific user is created.

These user accounts are not related to Windows user accounts.

User accounts have the following benefits :

  • Each user can have separate configuration settings specific to themselves
  • Configuration settings can configured to be shared between all users
  • User settings can be more easily persisted when the application is upgraded

The User Login function will not isolate all application settings and preferences.
Projects remain global and shared by all users.

Take regular backups of any preference files you create or modify.

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