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Masks Specification

Mask/Blank areas of the image. This is a view only mode and is not exported or rendered.



2.35 extraction.


User defined.


File Specification

A masks file must end in the extension '.masks', e.g. test.masks
It should be a plain text file


Each specification file specifies one or more masks, each identified by unique name (a name parameter).


The mask file format is as follows :


monitorMasks 1.0 -1


 monitorMask 1.0 -1


   <mask specification>


 monitorMask 1.0 -1


   <mask specification>





The mask specification section is described below.




Mask specification lines must end with a semi-colon ";" character.
A '#' character at line start delimits a comment. Rest of line is ignored.
Strings should be quoted i.e. "string".
There should be a space between each identifier and before the terminating semi-colon.

Mask Specification


name "<STRING>" ;


This is the name of the mask as shown in the GUI drop-down list.

Mask names should be unique.


units "<UNITS>" ;


where UNITS are :



By default the coordinate system is absolute image pixels, lower left to top right.

Elements are drawn relative to the lower left corner of a pixel.


Normalised coordinates map the range 0.0..1.0 to the monitor source full image pixel size in x and y.


unitsImageAspect <FLOAT> ;


The normalised region may be mapped to an image aspect extraction of the monitor source full image (pre or post monitor mask).


This is achieved by specifying the target image aspect. Given the monitor source image and aspect ratio, the normalised region will automatically be adjusted for 'letterbox' or 'pillarbox' display of the target aspect ratio.


rect <INT x0> <INT y0> <INT x1> <INT y1> ;


Where :


(x0,y0) is rectangle bottom-left.

(x1,y1) is rectangle top-right.


Mask rectangle defined from x0,y0 to x1,y1 using the current coordinate system. The area outside this rectangle will be blanked.

User Masks

A special mask named "User" will also appear in the GUI list. This allows us to set the mask size and position interactively.






Example Mask Specifications

monitorMask 1.0 -1


   name "1920x1080" ;

   units "pixels" ;

   rect 0 0 1920 1080 ;



monitorMask 1.0 -1


   name "10% in" ;

   units "normalised" ;

   rect 0.1 0.1 0.9 0.9 ;


monitorMask 1.0 -1


   name "4:3" ;

   units "normalised" ;

   unitsImageAspect 1.333 ;

   rect 0.0 0.0 1.0 1.0 ;



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