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Silicon Imaging SI-2K
Format Notes
Silicon Imaging SI-2K
  • Extension : .mov
  • Read only

The Silicon Imaging SI-2K camera is an advanced 2K digital cinema compliant camera from Silicon Imaging Inc. The camera records directly to the CineForm RAW format.

We support the SI-2K .mov file format only.


The timecode can be retrieved from :

  • File header or
  • Filename

The tapename is from filename only.



The application exposes the following shot properties via the Library/Properties dialog :


Look File


The Look File option lets you select and enable an SI-2K CineForm RAW LUT file.

SI-2K Look Files have a .look extension.

To select a LUT, click on the file browser icon, navigate to your LUT file location and press OK.

To apply the LUT, enable it via the Look File toggle :


SI-2K Look File LUTs have to be installed before use. See below.

Decode Resolution

Set the resolution we decode to.

  • 1/1
  • 1/2
  • 1/4
Decode Quality

Set the RAW camera data decode mechanism.

  • Automatic
  • Advanced Bilinear
  • Advanced Matrix5x5
  • Advanced Smooth
  • Advanced Detail 1
  • Advanced Detail 2
  • Advanced Detail 3
Gamma Curve

Gamma correction used to transform the camera data for display.

  • Log 90
  • Gamma 2.2
  • Cineon 1.7
  • Cine985 1.7
  • Cineon 1.0
  • Linear

Slider : 0 to 4

Extra Metadata

All available metadata is also displayed in a raw format :


Installing Look File LUTs

SI-2K CineForm RAW Look File LUTs have to be compiled and installed before they can be used by the application.

If you do not install the .look files before trying to use them, you will get an error "Could not find .cflook file for selected look file."

The Look Files have a .look extension and are installed by a program called LookInstaller.exe.

To install :

  • Open a Windows CMD shell : Start / Run / Cmd
  • Type :
    • LookInstaller file.look
    • Where "file.look" is your chosen .look file.

On success, a dialog box opens and displays information e.g.


You can now use the installed LUT by selecting it in the Look File file selector in the shot Properties.

The LookInstaller program compiles the .look file and installs it as a .cflook file to the folder :

C:\Program Files\Common Files\CineForm\LUTs

To use the LUT, you can select either the original .look file or the installed .look file (in above folder).

Because the files are installed to the same location, the names have to be unique.