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EDL Support
Format Notes
EDL Edit Decision List

CMX3600 Standard Format + some extensions

  • Extension : .edl
  • Dissolves
  • Retimes
  • Black (BL) and AUX (AX) events

EDL Export (Export Composition) supports both standard CMX 3600 format and an extended EDL format that includes :

  • Long tapenames
  • Clipname details
  • File path detail per event

Comment fields are parsed for clipname and file path (event material) information.

Clip Names

If an event is followed by a clipname specifier e.g. :

* FROM CLIP NAME: water_shot_661

Then the event is loaded and the clip is created with a clip name as specified.

File Load

If an event is followed with a file path e.g.

* FROM FILE: C:\media\scans\442\film_cc_scans.007882.dpx

Then the event material will be loaded into the library if we enable Import Material from File Paths on EDL import :


See the Export Composition chapter for details of EDL export options.

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