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Tangent Element Installation

We recommend a five panel setup for the Tangent Element panels when using Nucoda or Phoenix.

We use an extra Element-Bt (buttons) panel. You can run with fewer than five panels but you will want to remap some options in this case.

Panel Installation

  • Connect the Tangent Panels to the workstation
  • Install the Tangent Hub application (download from Tangent Support)
  • Run the Tangent synapse application.
    • You should have three green lights and 4 connected panels ­ (MF, BT , Kb and TK). There may also be a Wave with a red icon next to it.
  • Select configure, select the Wave and press the ­icon to remove it from the list.
  • Select the + icon and select Element­Bt to add the second button panel.
    • It will rename the existing panel to Element­Bt(1) and add Element­Bt(2)
    • You can now use the up and down arrow icons to change the positions of the panels to :
      • Element­KB
      • Element­Bt (1)
      • Element­Tk
      • Element­Bt(2)
      • Element­Mf

This will place them in the default Left to Right order in the Tangent Mapper.

  • Press apply ­and the serial number of the panels will be read from the panels.

Test the panel function by pressing keys and turning the encoders : activity will show up next to the panel in question.

Note: You can't run the Tangent Synapse and Mapper applications at the same time.

Nucoda / Phoenix Installation

  • Run the Nucoda or Phoenix installer
  • Make sure you select options :
    • Tangent Panel
    • US Keyboard

If the panels are installed correctly you will see the following in your console after starting the application :

winsock version 2.2 ok
socket ok
comms thread running
hub supports protocol revision 3
5 panel(s) are listed
01: type 14 with id 0x000E0001
02: type 15 with id 0x000F0001
03: type 12 with id 0x000C0001
04: type 15 with id 0x000F0002
05: type 13 with id 0x000D0001