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Red Rocket

Release SDK Driver Firmware BoB Firmware Download Note
2014.1.032 (R1) 4.6 link
2014.1.066 (R2) 5.0 link
2014.2.020 5.0 link
2015.X 5.0 link
2016.1 5.3 or later or later link
2016.1 R2 6.2.2 or later or later link


  • The Red Rocket card needs a PCI-E x16 slot with at least 8 data lanes (x8)

Red Rocket X

From Release : 2014.1 R2

The Red Rocket X works best with the latest SDK version in release 2016.1 R2 (forthcoming). Earlier versions should work but have not been as well tested.

Release Driver Firmware Download Note
2014.1.066 (R2) 2.1.12
2016.1 2.1.19
2016.1 R2 link


Please see the Red Rocket Installation Guide (PDF) inside the downloaded installer ZIP.

  • If you already have a Red Rocket card installed, you should use the Device Manager to UNINSTALL any current driver first and reboot afterwards.
    My Computer / Manage / Device Manager - open Sound, video and game controllers
    Right-click Red Rocket and select Uninstall :
    Redrocket device uninstall.png

Install Red Rocket Driver

  • Shutdown PC and install Red Rocket card.
  • Start PC and login. Windows will prompt Found New Hardware.
  • Select to Install from a list or specific location. Navigate to the Red Rocket driver folder and select.
  • SHUTDOWN (power-off) the PC

Install Red Rocket Firmware

  • Start the PC
  • Navigate to folder containing firmware files.
  • Double-click the batch file Install_firmware.bat
  • Confirm upgrade by pressing Y
  • Wait for completion.
  • SHUTDOWN (power-off) the PC and wait for one minute.

Once complete, validate the Red Rocket driver and firmware is correct (see below).

Determining Current Driver and Firmware Version

If your machine has a Red Rocket installed, the driver and firmware version is displayed on application startup in the CMD window that opens e.g.

RED SDK 5.0 (Build ... on XXXXXXXXX)
Red Rocket found. Driver Firmware

You can also find the Red Rocket driver via the Device Manager :

  • My Computer / Manage / Device Manager
  • Open Sound, video and game controllers
  • Right-click Red Rocket / Properties
  • Driver Tab / Driver version