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NVIDIA Graphics

For NVIDIA drivers, see our Drivers page.

Dynamic Streaming Setting

Required for drivers 375.63 and 377.35. - Please note this setting is only available for the Quadro family Nvidia GPU's

This setting will ensure maximum performance in Digital Vision applications.

After updating to one of the above drivers do the following :

  • Open the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL (Desktop/Right-Click)
  • Go to 3D Settings/Manage 3D Settings
  • Note the Global Settings
  • Change the Global preset from Base Profile to Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming

Single Monitor, Full Screen Colour Shift

Some NVIDIA drivers on some systems might exhibit a colour shift going full screen (using Tab) when using a single monitor.

Make sure you apply the Dynamic Streaming Setting (above) first.

To fix:

  • Open the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL (Desktop/Right-Click)
  • In the Task View, select : 3D Settings / Manage 3D Settings
  • Make sure Enable overlay is on
  • Press : Apply