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Supported Drivers and Software Versions

This page summarises the supported software drivers and environment for Digital Vision products.

For releases before 2014, see the Archive

Microsoft Windows

  • From version 2017.1 : Windows 10 is the officially supported, tested and recommended version of Windows
    • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit is still supported but not heavily tested
  • Previous releases : Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Note :

  • The latest driver listed below should work with all NVIDIA cards shown. Try this latest driver before trying the version listed against the release.
  • See the NVIDIA Support page for important information on NVIDIA settings.

NVIDIA Q4000 / Q5000

Release Driver
2014.X 297.03


Cards : K620 / K2200 / K4000 / K5000 / K5200 / K6000

Release Driver Notes
2014.1.032 310.90
2014.1.066 333.11
2015.3.020 (R1)
2015.3 R2 354.13
2016.1 R2 375.63 See Dynamic Streaming
2017.1 377.35 (win 10)

377.35 (win 7)

See Dynamic Streaming
2018.1 377.35 (win 10)

377.35 (win 7)

See Dynamic Streaming


Cards : M4000 / M5000 / M6000

Release Driver Notes
2015.3 R2 354.13
2016.1 R2 375.63 See Dynamic Streaming
2017.1 377.35 (win 10)

377.35 (win 7)

See Dynamic Streaming
2018.1 377.35 (win 10)

377.35 (win 7)

See Dynamic Streaming

NVIDIA GTX Series including Titan

Cards : GTX / Titan

Release Driver Notes
2017.1 No specific recommendation. Typically the latest version of driver would be recommended. We recommend the Quadro series GPU's. GTX Cards are not tested, however customers do use the Titan with Nucoda and Phoenix with success.

AMD Graphics Cards

Note :

  • Although Nucoda and Phoenix is not tested with the AMD Range of high end GPU's they should work.
  • Be aware that some manufacturers make use of Nvidia CUDA for performance when debayering or rendering OFX.
  • We will not prioritise any issues or bugs that are related to using AMD GPU's at this time

AJA Video

The AJA driver and firmware is included with the Digital Vision application installer.

For driver and firmware installation, see AJA Video

Release Driver Notes
BifrostQC 2014.X This is BifrostQC only (Corvid OEM).
2014.2.XXX 10.6.1 Kona 3G / Kona 4

Package 10.6.1 installs :

  • Driver
  • Firmware 10/22/14
2015.X 12.1 ( Kona 3G / Kona 4
2016.1 12.3.7 ( Kona 3G / Kona 4
2016.1.073 SP1 12.5.0 Kona 3G / Kona 4
2017.1 12.5.0
Also see below.
Kona 3G / Kona 4
2018.1 12.5.0
Also see below for a note regarding Windows 10.
Kona 3G / Kona 4

Windows 10

If AJA Driver version 12.5.0 does not install properly on Windows 10, download and install driver version 12.5.1 from the AJA site :

DVS Video

The DVS driver and firmware is included in each Digital Vision application installer.

Release Driver Notes
2015.X Includes AtomixLT firmware

Red Rocket

See the Red Rocket page.


Please note that Quicktime for Windows was deprecated in April 2016 due to security flaws (link).

Release 2018.1 includes a new ProRes implementation to replace the reliance on Quicktime.
In the console, this is shown as DV ProRes Read v1.14 and DV ProRes Write v1.14.

You will still require QuickTime to support the import of files that require legacy QuickTime Codecs.

The supported version of Apple Quicktime is included in the application installers.

Release Version
2014.1 7.7.2
2014.2 7.7.6
From 2015.X 7.7.6 (now considered legacy)


Sapphire is available from BorisFX.

Release Version Note
2014.1 7.04
2014.2 8.0
2015.X 8.0
2015.3 R2 (2015.3.038) 9.0
2016.1 9.0
2017.1 10.1
2018.1 11.01 Mocha support is forthcoming.

Tangent Control Panels

For more Tangent documentation, see the Tangent Panel page.

Older Digital Vision releases should work with the latest Tangent software. If you encounter problems, please contact Digital Vision support.
For downloads, see the Tangent support page.

Release Mapper S/W Hub Notes
2017.1 2.1.4 1.3.3 This version should also work with older Digital Vision software releases.