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DVS Systems

We have experience of DVS Systems slowing down rendering due to additional metadata traffic.

We would advise users to set the following options in general.prefs

You can expect a small to moderate increase of rendering speed and reduction in metadata traffic over networks.

Set maxPreallocation to 0

           activeV2 false
           level 1
       maxPreallocation 0
       paintAutoCleanUpHours 5
       testTimeInterval 600

SAN Based Caches
Please note that this setting should only be used on SAN systems running the DVS Stornext File System

You can also disable 'chunking' of data

       enable false
       chunkMB 30

Chunk Data
Data Chunking is the process of breaking up large files into seperate blocks of data to be transferred. This can be a benefit to some systems that have low hard-drive buffers