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Output Naming


There are a number of options available when naming the output sequence in the Output Media page of Loki Control.

Firstly :

The file name you enter must include the file extension.

To help organise the rendered output sequence, a number of predefined variables exist. These let you include metadata such as tapename or event number in file names, as well as grouping output into folders.

If you output with Source Order enabled, you will need to group the output sequence into unique folders because source timecodes may overlap.


Instead of typing a plain filename/number/extension combination e.g.

  • rendered.001.dpx
  • daylight34411.dpx etc.

You can type in names composed of plain text and predefined variables e.g.

  • $n\$f.dpx

The following variables are available :

$n Material Name

Media naming rules can be set in Loki Capture / Conform preferences

$e Event Number

Each sequence will be assigned a number

$r Resolution

Represented as width x height in pixels e.g. 2048x1556

$t Tapename

The tapenamecan be extracted from the input file header or can be set from input folder structure in Loki Preferences.

$O Original Material Name

retain original source file name.

$f Frame Number

Frame number. This is only used when rendering to image sequences (i.e. DPX format).

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