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Status Dashboard

The Loki Control Dashboard lets you create jobs and monitor their progress in a simple to use web page powered by Loki Control's built in web server. Open the dashboard by :

  • Selecting Status on the Loki Control system tray menu or
  • Using a web browser and browsing to the page : http://localhost:8000

You can configure Loki Control to use a different port in two ways :

  • Set the port in the configuration file via the option httpdPort. See the Configuration section.
  • Set the port on the command line via the option --port. See the CLI section.
Dashboard Components

The dashboard main page has various components detailed below and organised top to bottom :

  • Machine Status - what is happening on all running systems
  • Job Creation - click to define and run a job
  • Queue Status - Queued / Completed / Failed jobs
  • System Log - log messages for local system


Machine Status

This section displays the status of any networked machines running Loki Control. Their hostname is displayed alongside a status message e.g.

Render1 : waiting for jobs
Render2 : exporting job Reel 10 Scene Five

Each host is a URL linking to the Dashboard running on the host.

Job Creation

See the Job Creation page.

Queue Status


There are three queues defined :

  • Queued - jobs that are waiting to be processed appear here.
  • Completed - jobs that have successfully completed appear here.
  • Failed - jobs that have failed appear here.

In each case, a job will apppear as a URL that links to a page displaying job information. Click the job link to see detailed information, including any errors that occurred in the Failed queue.

Note that each queue is actually a folder as defined in the Configuration file :

  • Queued is defined via pathToWatch
  • Completed is defined via completedDir
  • Failed is defined via failedDir
System Log

The local system running Loki Control will display logging information here showing its activity and current status


2014-05-13 14:13:27,453     lokitray   INFO: Starting on host housered
2014-05-13 14:13:27,454     lokitray   INFO: Listening on port : 8000
2014-05-13 14:13:27,457     lokitray   INFO: Config file : lokicontrol.ini
2014-05-13 14:13:27,459     lokitray   INFO:  Log Folder : S:\loki\logs
2014-05-13 14:13:27,463  watchfolder   INFO: Watching S:\loki\watch for changes
2014-05-13 14:14:42,484  watchfolder   INFO: parsing new job file S:\loki\watch\newjob.xml
2014-05-13 14:14:42,523   processjob   INFO: Starting job : 2014-05-13_14_14_40.888000
2014-05-13 14:14:51,638   processjob   INFO: Add scene S:\loki/media/mazda/OE5012A-090000.dpx

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