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Startup and Control
Starting Loki Control

The application is placed into the Windows Startup folder by the installer. This ensures the Loki Control application is started automatically on login.

Start / All Programs / Startup
Digital Vision Loki Control


When Loki Control is running, its icon will be visible in the Windows system tray area as shown.


You can start Loki Control manually by :

  • Running the Digital Vision Loki Control item in the Startup group
  • Navigating to the INSTALLFOLDER and double-clicking the startup script file ( lokicontrol.bat)
Controlling Loki Control

To control Loki Control, right-click on the system tray icon and make a selection :

  • Status - open a web browser to display the dashboard showing the Loki Control status.
  • Cancel Job - cancel any running jobs
  • Quit - quit and close application.

Selecting Status will open a web browser and display the main Loki Control status dashboard web page. See the next chapter.


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