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Loki Control is automatically configured as part of the Installation process.

Configuration File

Installation creates and populates a configuration file called lokicontrol.ini which the application uses on startup. On a fresh installation (when the .ini file does not exist) some fields are populated from user input during install.

You will usually not need to view or change this file.

Configuration File : lokicontrol.ini
Location : C:\Loki\VERSION\lokicontrol

VERSION will change depending on the version of the Loki application installed (e.g. 2014_1).

We will refer to this folder as the INSTALLFOLDER in this document.

Configuration File Settings
exePath The full path to the executable used for rendering. You can select this from a list of installed applications when running the Loki Control installer e.g.

C:\Program Files\Loki\2014_1\loki.exe

loggingDir This is where Loki Control writes its log files.

Default : INSTALLFOLDER/logs

pathToWatch This is the folder Loki Control will monitor for jobs. Job files that appear in this folder will be picked up and processed.

Default : INSTALLFOLDER/jobs

completedDir When a job is processed successfully it is moved into this folder.

Default : INSTALLFOLDER/succeeded

failedDir When a job fails, the job file is moved to this folder.

Default : INSTALLFOLDER/failed

notesDir Loki Control looks for notes to apply and process in this folder.

Default : INSTALLFOLDER/notes

File Formats and Options

Multiple configuration values are comma separated.

formatOptions Available output resolutions.

Default : 1920x1080,2048x1080,1280x720,720x576

aspectOptions Available aspect ratio settings.

Default : 1.778,1.333,1.89,2.35,1.316

frameRateOptions Available frame rates.

Default : 25,23.98,24,60

modeOptions Available frame modes. This is how a frame fits into the output format given output resolution and aspect ratio.

Default : Fit,None,Centre,Crop

filterOptions Available filtering modes for scaling output frames.

Default : Zom,None,Box,Bilinear,Gaussian,Bicubic,Lanczos

depthOptions Available bits per pixel component.

Default : 10,8,12,16

channelOptions Available component channels.

Default : RGB,RGBA

extOptions Available file formats (by extension).

Default : dpx,mov,mxf

dpxFormatOptions Available DPX channel options.

Default : RGB10,YUV10,RGB8,RGB10,RGB12,RGB16

dpxTagOptions Available DPX colour space options.


movOptions Available Quicktime formats.

Default : ProRes 4444,ProRes 422 (HQ),ProRes 422,ProRes 422 (LT)

mxfOptions Available MXF formats.

Default : MXF:Uncomp HD 10 bit,MXF:Uncomp HD 8 bit,MXF:1:1 10b RGB,MXF:1:1 10b RGB,MXF:DNxHD 40 1080p,MXF:DNxHD 120 1080p,MXF:DNxHD 185 1080p,MXF:DNxHD 185X 1080p,MXF:DNx444 370X 1080p,MXF OP1a:XDCAM HD 50, MXF:DV 25,MXF:DV 50,MXF:IMX 30,MXF:IMX 40,MXF:IMX 50,MXF OP1a:IMX 30,MXF OP1a:IMX 40,MXF OP1a:IMX 50

deleteAfterExport After a successful job, the temporary project used for the rendering is deleted. Set this to 0 (zero) to prevent this.

Default : 1

remoteUsername Username to use for Windows shared volume access.

Default : user

remotePassword Password to use for Windows shared volume access.

Default : pass

SMBWorkaround Enable workaround (set to 1) for folder creation issues when using shared folders and Samba on Linux.

Default : 0

httpdPort Set the port the web serrver listens on (and the dashboard appears on).

Default : 8000

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