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Latest Release

Released : 22-Aug-2018
Version : 2018.2.004
This is 2018.2 Release 1
Download : [Contact support]

Major release. Installation is recommended for all users.

Summary of new features:

  • h.264 MP4 Export. 1-10Mbps with AAC audio.
  • Significantly improved Apple ProRes Export speeds - upto 4 times faster.
  • DVO Dry Clean updated with camera flash protection option.
  • FTP Uploading.
  • Auto disable problematic nodes.
  • Manual server connection.
  • Improved job status reporting.

Previous Releases

Released : 11-May-2018
Version : 2017.1.004 Bugfix-141
This is 2017.1 Release 2
Download : Download

Minor release containing mainly bug fixes. Installation is recommended for all users.

Summary of fixes:

  • Video watchfolders should start on files if the file is not locked.
  • If node is disables after 3 failures, it did not reset the counter.
  • Frame rate issues if system locale is uses comma as decimal place.
  • Burn in positioning did not work if system locale uses comma as decimal place.
  • Burn in variables did not work.
  • Can now specific IP or hostname to connect to server.
  • Recalling certain presets in job from preset also recalled an export file path.
  • Crashed when editing certain presets.

Released : 06-September-2017
Version : 2017.1.003 (2017.1 Release 1)
Download : Download

Large new Feature release. Installation is recommended for all users.

New Features summary:

  • Node License manager.
  • 24bit WAV export.
  • Recall and edit previous job.
  • Reset parameters.
  • New DVO Grain GT (optional).
  • Added DVO Tools - DVO Regrain RGB (optional).
  • Additional settings in DVO Flicker.
  • Improvements to DVO Zoom.
  • Additional settings in DVO Clarity.
  • DPX File sequence counter.
  • Change burn in text font size.
  • Add comments to job.
  • Disable node from client.
  • Aspect ratio control.

Further information about the new features in available in the New Features Guide

Previous Releases - releases information

To check for the latest version:

  • Open the Loki Client
  • Navigate to the Settings tab
  • Click the Check for updates button