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2015.2 Issues

Known Issues in 2015.2 Release 1


  • NU-1024 Atomix HDMI - Top 1 or 2 lines distorted during layoff
  • NU-1275 Crash Record doesn't work in 720p Project when laying off to SR Deck
  • NU-1278 720p Insert edit adds a single black frame at the start of the insert


  • NU-330 Audio drops out about half way through a long ProRes export when exporting from a long ProRes source file
  • NU-332 QT update or reinstalling QT - Could cause the AJA codec to corrupt display of the exported AJA media.
  • NU-340 H264 with the output format 2880 x 2160 crashes QT exporter and the application needs to be restarted.
  • NU-342 Importing/exporting some QuickTime codecs in SMPTE projects have colour scaling issues
  • NU-350 Exporting Prores 4444 to a SAN is very slow
  • NU-358 QT RGBA Composite DNW in SMPTE mode projects. Clips to be used in composites should be set to CGR in the library.
  • NU-1309 Playing over multiple ProRes files with embedded audio crashes the application (Windows Audio)


  • NU-324 Dual screen - Using the tablet in absolute mode will only allow the user to move the cursor on the primary monitor


  • NU-343 Support for grade merge using AAF files, when the source media is not MXF (ie Arri Pro-res).
    You should grade merge via an EDL after conforming new media.
  • NU-755 Importing an AAF into an existing composition creates invalid transitions
  • NU-1427 XML Import - merging grades does not trace colour correctly when multiple clips share the same source file
  • NU-1428 XML Import - Importing a sequence with transitions into an existing compositions creates invalid (red) transitions on import
  • NU-1429 Importing an XML with a retime into an exiting composition will bring the media at the wrong start TC


  • NU-321 Cached bar turns red on moving playhead when other DVO effects follow DVO Fix/Paint
  • NU-353 Switching to Mems->Revert for the first time temporarily locks up the GUI when the current clip uses several temporal DVOs
  • NU-359 At 4K renderer runs out of memory using 6 DVOs (in Input FX) when Image Memory pref is set lower than 16GB
  • NU-840 DVO Fix - Adjusting a fix using clone mode on interlaced material causes image corruption
  • NU-879 DVO Twister - Processes based the whole source and not the media on the timeline
  • NU-1067 DVO Twister - Cut up mixdown media re-renders differently after caches removed


  • NU-1178 When using Thor with a half file, output is corrupted/black, Thor clarity slows to less than 1fps

Extended Formats

  • NU-335 Poor playback performance with XDCAM media with audio
  • NU-546 Certain files imported with Ext Formats codecs are clipping values to 10bit in CGR
  • NU-601 Slow application start up after clean install & reboot when ExtFormats is in the license
  • NU-719 Colourspace field in the Clip.prefs file does not work for extended formats codecs
  • NU-777 Non contiguous image sequences import with wrong start timecode using Extended Formats
  • NU-790 Conforming XAVC files before thumbnails have been fully generated causes a crash
  • NU-1200 Some Phantom 4K Flex file not displaying correctly (Black Frames)


  • NU-96 VTR Layoff - Splash screen appears upside down in the video output prior to laying off to tape
  • NU-215 Element - Compare selection only updates if mems view is open
  • NU-232 Enabling GPU Readback when playing back 4K material causes playback to drop below 17fps. Normally playback would be around 24 (storage depending)
  • NU-325 Browsing a drop down menu whilst a modal dialog that require a response pops up blocks the mouse interaction.
  • NU-327 GPU Readback - ACES ODT's are added twice to the video output when in compare mode.
  • NU-329 WAV audio files playback slowly from a SAN
  • NU-331 Valhall - levels menu is locked after recalling effect from a note
  • NU-335 Poor playback performance with XDCam Audio and Video
  • NU-336 Use Layer Cache function only updates after a parameter change after being selected
  • NU-338 Recalling a grade to multiple clips does not update the event view thumbnails
  • NU-339 Custom FPS in Phoenix with an SDI output causing playback issues.
  • NU-346 EDL: Exporting EDL then Importing EDL for 59.94p DF doesn't work as it should.
  • NU-361 Notes Copy (Drag and Drop) - Not possible to shift + select notes
  • NU-587 Playing interlaced footage backwards in an interlaced project shows wrong field order
  • NU-755 Importing an AAF into an existing composition creates invalid transitions
  • NU-840 DVO Fix - Adjusting a fix using clone mode on interlaced material causes image corruption
  • NU-881 Arri RAW open gate source files display as 'missing media' when setting the Arri properties to 'Arri'
  • NU-1097 Laying off a composition without audio, after laying off a project with audio results in approx 1 second audio loop from previous project to be included
  • NU-1177 Element - Pressing Compare from panel inside project window crashes software
  • NU-1205 Cannot add compositions with the same name from the same project to batch render
  • NU-1343 Exporting CDL's or 3D Luts with Black or Aux segments on the timeline crashes the application
  • NU-1344 Kona - HDMI output does not obey colour scaling setting from the application
  • NU-1426 XML Import - Dissovles and reverse retimes do no render correctly when imported via XML