GoldenEyeFixes 2018.1 R1

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GoldenEye Fixes

2018.1.004 (R1)

  • GE-706 When setting up exposure levels on free strobe the levels reset themselves if rewind is used
  • GE-794 Golden Eye records randomly DPX files with no metadata header
  • GE-806 Running Sync Camera Calibration results in crash in Gecko and disconnect from Software
  • GE-807 Change of "Normal Speed" on change of optics zoom not reflected in the UI
  • GE-808 Play and record speed change doesn't update maximum exposure until start of play
  • GE-809 Changing the Limit Image Processing option while playing stops speed changes being applied to scanner
  • GE-812 Using Resume function (2nd time used in same record session) yields rewind far beyond the last captured frame
  • GE-813 Toggling Limit Image Processing a lot while playing causes slow operation and failure of later play
  • GE-822 Play speed reduction while playing with record speed locked to play speed doesn't update maximum exposure until next start of play
  • GE-823 Size of captured images inconsistent with saved optics zoom setting at application start
  • GE-826 Image processing sometimes inconsistent with Limit Image Processing UI setting
  • GE-833 Resume recording sometimes starts at wrong frame
  • GE-841 GE4 Image sizing and aspect ratio
  • GE-842 GE4 does not work with latest Win 10 Creators edition (Windows 10 Version 1703)
  • GE-845 Migrate changes made to "Standard" film formats along with other settings when installing a new version of GoldenEye
  • GE-849 Record after play backwards runs backwards with Lock to Play Speed set
  • GE-850 Subtle vertical lines in captured images
  • GE-852 Image capture sometimes fails after changing optics "Zoom" or "Aspect Tweak" while playing
  • GE-854 Play speed should indicate forwards when recording
  • GE-860 Change "Adjust Optics Motors" label to "Adjust Optics Presets"


  • GE-798 Forwards wind-to over 1000 frames with 4K S35 High quality HDRI stops before landing frame
  • GE-805 With Reg 8 film, vertical alignment can change between play and record for some sync positions
  • GE-806 Running Sync Camera Calibration results in crash in Gecko and disconnect from Software
  • GE-819 Gecko stops responding after failure to start wind to frame with right arm in max position
  • GE-851 Stop the Gecko from attempting to set negative LED current factors to the hardware