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Fixes in 2019.2


  • Update to Sony SMDK 4.18 and Raw Dev 3.3.0
  • New DVO tool for upscaling.
  • DVO Clarity - improve algorithm add sharpness parameter. Optimisations.
  • Add source Pan, Scale and Tilt controls and Aspect ratio controls to Pan and Scan
  • Add additional fields to the HUD
  • Updated Grids, HUD's, Hotkeys and Prefs
  • Monitor/SDI Sync Improvements
  • New licensing platform (Reprise RLM)
  • Sapphire 11 / OFX improvements
  • Save video settings per project
  • Improve EDL error handling
  • 8K modes for the Blackmagic Decklink 8K
  • export padding value preference
  • Scope Improvements
  • Tetrahedral LUT interpolation
  • AJA SDK version to 15.1
  • Dolby Vision HDMI Tunnelling

  • NU-4288 Output LUT is applied to note images when in compare mode
  • NU-4284 Record L1 and L3, and the L2, L8 for active trims targets for every frame during dissolves (CM29 and CM40)
  • NU-4276 Tetrahedral Interpolation option on project screen does not update when you change project
  • NU-4282 Update to magnifier tool
  • NU-4263 Store brush settings for paint tools
  • NU-4279 HUD Record TC is incorrect if a clip is placed on the timeline after 12:00:00:00
  • NU-4280 Fix render bar for retimes
  • NU-4268 Black thumbnails and black proxies produced
  • NU-4269 New panel layouts and presets for 2019.2
  • NU-4270 The mask menu resets to "user" when exiting a project
  • NU-3538 Library thumbnails get replaced by paint matte images
  • NU-4248 Show Key - alpha softness not displayed in SMPTE project with 10 bit media
  • NU-4250 Mouse wheel fails to work on SDI screen depending on where the mouse exits the GUI
  • NU-4251 Edge repeats on image when in Pan & Scan - if Source is smaller than current output format
  • NU-4252 The new licensing code prints out results to the console
  • NU-4253 While scene detecting - the scene detection will enter the suspended state after a cut is added and then resume
  • NU-4257 Crash during cache creation/cache assignment
  • NU-4258 The help listing in the console is interrupted with console commands
  • NU-4260 White background on image when in Pan & Scan - if Source is smaller than current output format in SMPTE project
  • NU-4222 Crash with audio waveform visible on timeline
  • NU-4249 Error display in console (Timeline.Edit)
  • NU-4223 Crash (minidump) in ThumbnailGenerator
  • NU-4236 When a new track is added to the timeline it must default to selected
  • NU-4241 Output LUT can be applied to frame twice when GPU verification mode is not enabled
  • NU-4242 Deleting a folder that has a clip selected as current source will crash the software
  • NU-4243 Long GOP Media on the timeline has the potential to crash Nucoda when using dynamics
  • NU-4203 Customers would like to be able to set the Image aspect in Dolby on selected clips
  • NU-4228 When conforming an EDL using Source to Master mode (mixdown) - cuts are no longer scene cuts
  • NU-4231 Dolby Vision XMLs should not contain default L1 values - we should indicate that no analysis was performed on all or specific clips (2.9 and 4.0)
  • NU-4232 Keyframed values must also have L1 data in the XML for every frame
  • NU-4233 Trim mode and segment mode hotkeys should work even if focus is not on the timeline
  • NU-4234 Add a Aspect Ratio parameter to Pan & Scan tool
  • NU-4235 Add 22fps as a frame rate option to Nucoda and Phoenix
  • NU-4239 When switching between output formats of differing resolutions the canvas image should retain it zoomed or fitted setting
  • NU-4229 Add additional fields to the HUD for burn-in and Information
  • NU-3805 Uncompressed MXF RGB 10 bit export is not available in a Half project
  • NU-4230 Allow Sharpness Amount slider in Pan + Scan to go negative to actually apply softness - Set lower sharpness limit to -1 (from 0), means you can do a bit of softening
  • NU-4038 R3D Images with 4536x3780 dimensions create skewed images
  • NU-4215 Clip next to Black/Aux will crash when attempting to change one-sided scene cut (green)
  • NU-4226 Crash when recalling from a lower track
  • NU-4206 Nucoda About Box has typo : "Digi@tal Vision"
  • NU-4220 Effect Fade is broken at 16 bits
  • NU-4218 Feature tracker crashes frequently
  • NU-4217 Fast switching layer to layer can crash Nucoda