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Fixes in 2019.1


  • NU-338 Recalling a grade to multiple clips does not update the event view thumbnails
  • NU-1428 XML Import - Importing a sequence with transitions into an existing compositions creates invalid (red) transitions on import
  • NU-1429 Importing an XML with a retime into an existing composition will bring the media at the wrong start TC
  • NU-3101 Importing XML results timecode enter box not working correctly
  • NU-3156 DVO Flicker/Fix ignores scene change cuts and uses previous frames during analysis
  • NU-3232 'No Thor card detected' warning burns into the image
  • NU-3653 Certain MOV file - Audio and Video length is not the same
  • NU-3745 Add a Colour Mode button to Thor (to support B/W files)
  • NU-3927 Timecode::timebaseConvert should round to nearest integer
  • NU-3933 Add global control to switch between masked and unmasked processing in Dolby Vision (for HDR10 Positive lift issue)
  • NU-3944 Level change at dissolve start when applying Dynamic to two identical ungraded clips
  • NU-3997 ACES - Add Canon Log3 IDT's
  • NU-4008 Dolby analysis does not calculate if there is a composited clip or adjustment event
  • NU-4010 Deleting bookmark using right click does not always delete them and when it does - the deletion is not saved
  • NU-4013 After importing XML timeline locating on the timeline is offset
  • NU-4014 Cannot conform 50P from RED material
  • NU-4023 Prores caches of specific resolutions creates image artifacts on the edge of frame
  • NU-4064 Quicknotes display the old image (if overwritten) when doing a compare
  • NU-4066 Cancelling a report while being generated can crash the application
  • NU-4068 Edit functions (V & B) broken if both a video and audio clip are selected in the library
  • NU-4077 Dynamics do not render if there is a scene edit before the dynamic
  • NU-4080 Dolby analysis does not calculate if the dynamics are cut to cut
  • NU-4087 RAW properties for Red - Arri - Sony menus not working correctly
  • NU-4086 Application crash during Dolby analysis phase
  • NU-4090 DVO Steady in an effect layer does not analyse if added as a layer (also then blocks all rendering)
  • NU-4096 Track, Head, InputFX and Base thumbnails do not update automatically when a change is made
  • NU-4114 Dolby analysis will fail to complete on the bottom clip if two clips are overlapping
  • NU-4116 Allow User to Shrink the Dolby Analysis Area Slightly
  • NU-4117 Exporting DNx Op-Atom files in source order from ProRes source will stop randomly and report one of the ProRes files as unable to be opened
  • NU-4118 Legacy Hue Curves tool should have Scale Sat set to 0 when importing an old project and when recalling an old note
  • NU-4119 Dolby mask is not displayed while over a dynamic
  • NU-4143 EXR from Scratch imports with no timecode