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2017.1 Fixes

2017.1.044 SP2

Service Pack 2

  • NU-3190 Losing caches in 2017.1 - no warning that caches are lost but everything is un-rendered after leaving and returning to Nucoda

2017.1.044 SP1

Service Pack 1

  • NU-2991 Layer/Tool focus deselects and jumps to different tool
  • NU-3142 Add new Transfer and Colorimetric options to DPX export
  • NU-3144 Render bar does not update if a clip has a matte set on both sides of a dissolve
  • NU-3148 Bypass does not work if the opacity in the router is animated
  • NU-3152 Trying to view the embedded alpha channel of an image in 2017.1 shows only a white screen
  • NU-3155 Applying a note or creating a new key with the Pre Key Filter set to Blur will crash the system
  • NU-3160 Applying DVO Steady to a clip will crash application
  • NU-3161 Using source splice on multiple clips places them on the timeline with the previous clip length added as an offset
  • NU-3162 Level change in grade between GPU and CPU render with Router opacity set
  • NU-3167 Scaling an image with an alpha channel in a 10 bit project will cause the Alpha channel to be lost


  • NU-123 Dual screen display functionality on a single screen
  • NU-661 Deform Tracker slows down with many layers
  • NU-1166 Crash in OFX using Tiffen Filters
  • NU-1174 Make "Revert" and "Set Revert" actions available to be mapped to a hotkey
  • NU-1589 Insert or Assemble layoff to Sony DVW 500 fails after pre-roll
  • NU-1590 Lay off to DVW 500 fails when project is in Drop Frame
  • NU-1764 No pictures captured when capturing in PAL on the AJA Kona 4
  • NU-1984 VTR Capture Marked doesn't cue to in point when playhead is past out point
  • NU-2279 Failure to apply Trim values to all shots after analysis
  • NU-2384 Sapphire version 9.03 and 10 crash the application
  • NU-2386 "Crash" capture can leave the capture UI in an inoperable state
  • NU-2388 Missing backslash on end of capture directory results in files recorded to the wrong directory
  • NU-2406 Support RGB444 video via 3G Level A on compatible AJA cards (Kona 4)
  • NU-2442 Raw mov files are offset when the first frame has an extended frame duration
  • NU-2525 Dissolve breaks THOR
  • NU-2547 Capturing video when deck play head is just past in point results in invalid capture
  • NU-2549 Incorrect scaling of levels when capturing SMPTE-range SDI video to a CGR-range project
  • NU-2558 Hang when pressing clean up button
  • NU-2587 EDL error when importing multi framerate EDL
  • NU-2591 Master labels in effect are longer than the labels below them
  • NU-2593 Crash on exiting project with specific GUI component combination set
  • NU-2595 Application only imports a single channel of audio from a ProRes file with 8 mono channels
  • NU-2596 Crash using Sapphire OFX 9.03 or 10.0 when clip exceeds 40 secs
  • NU-2601 Using the Handles Counter results in value being doubled
  • NU-2610 CMX EDL with Motion events from Flame or Smoke will not load in Nucoda
  • NU-2656 Use Reel translation table from Flame or Smoke EDL
  • NU-2725 4K Quad output in 10 Bit 444 RGB is broken
  • NU-2731 Use input container size to determine source image type for Arri RAW
  • NU-2758 Change the default preference setting for GPU readback to be Enabled rather than Disabled
  • NU-2776 Add option to the Composite Over effect to perform the composite in ACES Linear
  • NU-2799 CLI creates projects that don't load properly in Nucoda
  • NU-2800 Avid Clipnames with illegal windows characters causes roundtrip exports to fail
  • NU-2842 Remove ZOM GPU rendering GUI preference option
  • NU-2852 Certain files do not contain tape name or timecode when loaded into Media Composer
  • NU-2875 Tracking slower with Nvidia 375.63
  • NU-2880 Improve the way that we calculate the Image Memory size (MB) to take account of the requirements of the new and larger Nvidia cards
  • NU-2887 Importing 29.970 XML (Version 5) comes up with failed not matching frame rates
  • NU-2889 Display Graphics Card / Driver Info in Console
  • NU-2979 Update Clip Prefs for JPEG and EXR
  • NU-2987 1998x1080 DNxHR 444 file is displayed skewed in monitor
  • NU-2992 Update Phoenix Touch defaultEdffectList.prefs so it matches other software versions
  • NU-2995 Invalid character used in defaultEffectList.prefs
  • NU-3010 Misaligned text on HUD
  • NU-3094 Using Alt B or Alt V to splice a clip to Record TC will crash if no material is selected in the Library
  • NU-3099 No exportGUIremappings.prefs in Phoenix products
  • NU-3102 Prevent plugin continuing to be labeled "unknown" after it is not found and then subsequently found


  • NU-2588 Tape Name in Ari RAW files are shown as ARI and actual Tape Name is not imported
  • NU-2639 Arri files with an unusual resolution can result in corrupt frames when resized in an project
  • NU-2659 Arri RAW - Native_3168 not recognized as valid in Nucoda
  • NU-2660 Arri RAW Ensure that all available Lens and Squeeze options exist for all Native formats


  • NU-1920 Update Dolby CMU config interface to properly display new firmware options
  • NU-2260 Dissolve failed analysis in Dolby Vision
  • NU-2279 Failure to apply Trim values to all shots after analysis
  • NU-2298 Dolby analysis in an ACES project can produce values out of range (less that 0 or more that 1)
  • NU-2325 The revert command does not currently revert the Dolby Trim and Analysis values
  • NU-2376 Nucoda crashes as soon as Dolby CMU is initialised
  • NU-2390 Analysis mismatch between 2015.3 and 2016.1
  • NU-2391 Dolby Vision analysis values are not in range of the Control XML data
  • NU-2447 Remove the "Image in PQ Space" button from the Dolby analysis effect
  • NU-2462 Adding a Composite effect while in DolbyCM project deletes the Dolby Analysis effect
  • NU-2471 Dolby Vision - If a dissolve or dynamic starts on the first frame after a cut the XML contains the incorrect values for the transition
  • NU-2559 Intermediate values in dissolve or dynamic does not update the CMU - XML output is correct
  • NU-2577 When using Dolby Layer - the tool should default to Trim page
  • NU-2590 Dolby Trims are affecting the masked areas on the CMU
  • NU-2653 Analyse Single frame and Auto Interpolate actions in Dolby CM do not function on the Precision panel
  • NU-2984 Dolby Auto Interpolate is incorrectly calculated
  • NU-2988 Dolby Analysis stops working if the timeline is scrubbed during analysis
  • NU-3001 Dolby Analysis slows down and eventually stops - causes Nucoda to hang
  • NU-3046 Master Display setting is not retained in Dolby project, settings are lost when CMU is disconnected

Extended Formats

  • NU-2592 Random files aren't exported correctly when using JP2 option
  • NU-2606 HDF01a - files exported from the application can't be played in Adobe Premiere Pro 10.4 /11.0.2
  • NU-2607 HDF01a - Missing element (MXF-GC Generic Essence Multiple Mappings) in batch "EssenceContainers"
  • NU-2608 HDF01a - The correct value for property IdenticalGOP is true and not false as encoded in the file
  • NU-2622 XDCam OP-1a files need to be optimised to increase speed of export
  • NU-2627 When importing .JP2 files some files fail to import (they used to import without issue)
  • NU-2638 Exported XDCam file has a 2 frame offset in the TC
  • NU-2662 HDF01a - files exported from the application are not standard-compliant (ID 70037)
  • NU-2679 XDCam file (with ' in name) do not load with Ext Formats
  • NU-2682 Exported OP-1a IMX files have wrong (16x9) aspect ratio setting
  • NU-2722 HDF01a - Profile files have Target Values - Video - Errors (1)
  • NU-2723 HDF01a - Profile files have Target Values - Timecode - Errors (1)
  • NU-2741 DNxHD MXF files open with Extended Formats (should use AMT)
  • NU-2755 HDF01a - The Timecode of the System Items counts each Frame in double steps from 0 to 48 Frames
  • NU-2756 HDF01a - The Index Tabellen Segnet is missing 3 Metadata's according to ARD_ZDF_HDF01a
  • NU-2757 HDF01a - The System Item Count is always 0, it should count up each frame
  • NU-2768 HDF01a - The Frame counter starts not at "0" , it starts at "2"
  • NU-2769 HDF01a - The Frame Counter exhibits an Error in the last 2 Frames
  • NU-2770 HDF01a - There is not a Active Format descriptor set in the File
  • NU-2789 AVC 100 files are loaded incorrectly by Ext Formats in 2017.1
  • NU-2812 HDF01a - RIP_Present Flag is not set
  • NU-2814 An Avid OP1a DNxHR HQX media file does not load with Ext Formats
  • NU-2826 Interlaced Project - Export Media as MXF OP-1a JP2K - crashes when imported back in