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Project Table


In Reel mode, the project table displays all clips within a project along with their associated data and settings :


  • Each clip is a row
  • Each column is a data field
  • To sort the clips on a column, left-click the column header.
  • To add or remove columns, right-click in the header area
  • You can drag columns to re-order
  • You can resize columns by dragging the column dividers
  • Edit a field by double-clicking it
  • Double-clicking a clip thumbnail takes you to the clip metadata window

The column fields are :

ID This is the clip's position within the table, based on the start timecode of the clip
Thumbnail Thumbnail image taken from live video capture or reference file when adding a new clip or using 'Set Thumbnail'
Name Clip Name, double click to edit
In Start timecode of clip, taken from external timecode interface or reference file when adding a new clip, also set using 'Mark In'
Out End timecode of clip, set using 'Mark Out'
Duration Automatically calculated using start and end timecodes
Film Base
Preset etc.
Enumerated list drop down menus can be selected from the project table

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