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Player Window

The Player Window is used for displaying pictures, either from the live video feed (Reference mode) or Digitised media (Player Mode) The screengrab below shows the player in singe screen mode. In dual screen mode then the player is mapped to the second screen.


Player Controls
BifrostPlayerTransport1.png Step Backward 1 frame
BifrostPlayerTransport2.png Jump to Start of Clip
BifrostPlayerTransport3.png Play Backwards (Press again to pause)
BifrostPlayerTransport4.png Play Forwards (Press again to pause)
BifrostPlayerTransport5.png Jump to End of Clip
BifrostPlayerTransport6.png Step Forward 1 frame
BifrostPlayerTransport7.png Clip Scrubbing, click on empty space to jump to position or drag orange slider to scrub clip
BifrostPlayerTC1.png Clip Start Timecode (In)
BifrostPlayerTC2.png Clip End Timecode (Out)
BifrostPlayerTC3.png Clip Duration
BifrostPlayerTC4.png Current Timecode - You can edit this value and hit enter to jump to a Timecode value

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